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Everything great happens here! The Litov Center Haneviim hotel offers you a vacation full of treats in the heart of Jerusalem, close to everything of interest in the city. Alongside the well-equipped rooms, a culinary experience awaits you, moments of pampering in our state-of-the-art spa and, of course, a starting point for tours and excursions. The hotel is new and groundbreaking in the strictly tourist market, located in a pastoral and historical neighborhood and offers a unique feeling. You can get to know the neighborhood and the area with the help of the blue guide boards installed by the Jerusalem Municipality. Go out with the kids and enjoy every moment! The hotel and the chef's restaurant are kosher Badatz Mehadrin under the supervision of Harav Rubin Shlita

Zion Suite

4 beds

2 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

1 shower

1 bath tub

on the third floor


Synagogue and Minyanim

Prayers will be held according to the number of guests in the hotel
There is a Spanish synagogue, the Borochov Synagogue, at 8 Rabbi Kook St
There is an Ashkenazi Synagogue, the Zichron Moshe Synagogue, in Hafetz Haim Street
A Carlebach minyan in Rabbi Kook's house, at 9A Rabbi Kook St.

Room check-in time and check-out time

Sunday-Thursday Arrival: at 15:00
Departure: at 11:00
Friday arrival: at 14:00
Departure: at 10:00
Departure on Motsae Shabbat: one hour after the end of Shabbat

Check in

Shabbat Meal

Shabbat meals

Hotel Litov invites you to dine with us .on Saturdays and holidays even if you are not hotel guests If you have outside accommodation arrangement but no meals arrangement you can order Shabbat meals in the hotel dining room

A healthy and rich dairy breakfast

Between 9:00 and 11:00
At a cost of NIS 70 per person


In the vicinity of the hotel

Tourist sites, holy sites and well known sites in the area

Machanei Yehudah

Zion Square

Western Wall

Shabbat Square

The light railway